Even though we spent a lot on our new house this month, we made excellent gains. Nearly $40k in gains! That's huge for us. We had the benefit of positive growth in the market, specifically growth in the S&P 500. We also received money back from our closing, which helped offset some of our monthly spending.

In March our net worth decreased by just over $3,500, mostly due to the fact that we paid $25,000 for closing costs on our new home. We also spent $5,000 on some land, so after shelling out $30,000 in cash, we still only lost $3,500 overall. We hope April looks better, but you never know what the stock market has in store for us!...

Greetings from New Zealand! We are still on our trip but are taking a break from hiking and running around to relax for a day and update our monthly net worth tracker.

Well the month of January was good to us. The market went up...a lot. As a result of that and saving $7,500 on our end, we gain nearly $52,000 in the month of January. If only we could have our savings and investments increase at that rate every month! Total savings is up to $680,499.

As of January 1, 2019 (Day 1 of this 8 year experiment), we have saved $628,606. This is saved through a combination of 401Ks, IRAs, savings accounts, 529 plans, and property investments. Every month we will update this chart to show how this amount increased, or decreased, over time.