Where the Money Went...March 2019

This is our third month of tracking our spending. We are still spending over our budget by approximately $500 per month. A lot of the extra spending was due to the last week of our trip to New Zealand and Australia, new car brakes, and a Costco membership (which is supposed to pay for itself right..?).

Almost 50% of our monthly spending goes to NYC rent. Car, groceries, and "other/unknown" round out the next top three spending categories. We are noticing that our "other/unknown" category is an item we continuously overspend on. However, we seem to always under-spend on our entertainment budget. We should probably increase our budget for "other/unknown" and decrease the projected entertainment budget.

Next month, we will have to closely watch the new house spending. We might be moving at the end of April, so there are costs for movers, painting supplies, and other fun house spending surprises in our near future. This is an area we will have to closely monitor over the next few months.

Sometimes we get a bit down on ourselves after we analyze our monthly spending. However, we must remind ourselves that our spending represents only half of our take home pay, so we are saving/investing the other half. We're looking forward to April weather and perhaps an under-budget month!