Where the Money Went...February 2019

This is our second month of tracking our spending. We spent approximately $1,000 more than we did in January. However, this spending was primarily tied to our vacation to New Zealand and Australia, as well as additional costs in closing on a new house. Although we spent more, we did not totally blow through the budget for the month. So we do feel good about that given we had a 16-day vacation to pay for.

Overall, you will see that about 50% of our monthly spending goes to New York City rent, 21% was on "other," and 16% was on our trip. (Note that we still have trip spending for March, so that category will come up again.) Other major costs were associated with the car, groceries, and a couple of restaurant bills.

It's really hard to look back and update our spending tracker weeks after a month has ended. It's definitely easier to monitor your spending every day or even once a week for that matter. The everyday monitoring reminds you of your saving goals and keeps you in check on your spending. So for March, we are back to tracking this regularly to help keep us on track!