The Plan and Purpose – Financial Freedom In Our 40s

Greetings Friends! If you are here, you are probably like us, trying to figure out how to get out of the 9-5 daily grind and find a pathway towards financial freedom.  My husband, 38, and myself, 32, are on a quest and an experiment to be FIRE in 8 years. Wait, what's FIRE again?  It stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early.  That's 40 for me, and 46 for my husband. It seems like a tall order and is definitely a concept our baby boomer parents cannot relate to. But we are looking to live a life that does not have us strapped to a desk, wasting time commuting, worrying about how many vacation days we have left, and waiting for those so called "golden years" before traveling and making the most of what little time we have on this Earth!

We have created a path forward and this blog will document it along the way, including other tips and tricks we have used to save a buck or two. (Especially when it comes to utilizing resources available to veterans, travel hacking, and investment properties.) This may not lead to the fanciest retirement in the world, but it will lead to a life that prioritizes what we value most - our time, our family, and our experiences.

So how can we retire in 8 years?

First, let's define retirement. Retirement for us means doing what we want to do every day. It does not mean that we will completely stop working. Instead working might just mean managing our investment properties, not working during the summer, it could mean refurbishing furniture, or doing odd/fun jobs that involve little stress. These jobs would be of our choosing and things we want to do.

Next, let's talk about where we are today.

Today, January 1, 2019, we have saved $628,606. This is a combination of savings, 401(K), IRAs, 529 plans, and investment properties The only debt we have is for a rental property, which is approximately $60,000, and a 0% interest car loan with $5,000 left on the loan. 

In 8 years, our goal (depending on the market) is to reach $2 million dollars through saving, investing, and purchasing rental properties. We also aim to use the next 8 years to train ourselves to spend more mindfully. Right now we have very little idea of just where exactly our money is spent each month. That is about to change. We will track every dollar we spend to figure out what is wasteful and where we can cut costs without completely altering our lives.

We hope this 8 year experiment becomes a documented path of how we got to our early retirement, what we were able to learn from shared experiences on the interweb, and share our successes and lessons learned from our short comings along the way. But most importantly, we hope this forum keeps us accountable and on track for our financial goals. Stay tuned and wish us luck!