Life Update: New House, New Job, and A Much Needed Vacation

We apologize for the lack of posting last week. Last week was a VERY stressful week that encompassed a wide range of emotions.

We Maybe Bought a House..?

First, with some great news! Early in the week we put an offer in on a house! We have been looking for a while and finally found a great house that is convenient for commuting, in great shape, and has the space we need. There is not much to fix up and is mostly cosmetic fixes (removing wallpaper and painting trim) and a small electrical upgrade.

After some negotiating, our offer was accepted at $20,000 below asking price! We aren't new to the home buying process and typically after you and the seller agree on a price, you go into contract. However, apparently on Long Island this is not the case. Here, you do not immediately sign a contract once an offer is verbally "accepted." Instead the buyer schedules an inspection and calls a lawyer. After the inspection and some nonsense with the lawyers, the contract is finally signed.

So we scheduled our inspection for a Friday and based on the results, we are not requesting any updates from the buyer. However, our lawyer and the seller's lawyers are not done "working out" the details in the contract. In every other state we have purchased a home in, there is a standard contract and no lawyers are needed because the real estate agent just completes the standard contract. So we are currently waiting for the lawyers to work out their differences in language before we can officially get under contract and call the bank to start the loan process.

What makes this all very frustrating is that the seller is having an open house on Sunday even though we've agreed on a sales price and completed the inspection. As a result, they can still accept offers and show their house, because we are technically not in a contract. So we will be really upset if we lose the house because of the ancient and somewhat unethical practices allowed in New York State. But we have our fingers crossed and everything happens for a reason, right..?

Quitting a Job and Starting a New One!

Adding to the chaos of the week, I resigned from my job on Monday. I am moving to rival firm, so the news was NOT taken very well at my former company. In fact, the entire week was a nightmare. But it affirmed my decision to leave my old job. Maybe one day I'll get into the details of that week at work, but not today (no need to relive it and give myself PTSD). However, a positive that came from all of this, was that the situation reaffirmed our decision to be FIREd. I doubt we will be able to last in the "typical" workplace, its politics, and employer's ability to treat you like a piece of property for many more years. But the good news is I am moving forward and starting my job on Tuesday! I think this will be a positive move professionally and mentally. Oh, and the $25K raise I negotiated is only pushing us faster to being FIREd.

Trip to New Zealand and Australia

Finally, the countdown to our trip to New Zealand and Australia has begun! We leave on Friday night. (Yes, I am working 4 days at my job and then taking 2 weeks off - and they are good with that!) We are getting our gear together and starting to do laundry. So excited, because we definitely need a vacation! Read our past blog on how we are doing this two-week trip without paying for any airfare or hotels!

Anyways, we will keep you posted on the house situation and will be posting pictures of our trip on Twitter! Stay tuned friends!