Starting Point:  January 2019 Savings and Debt

As of January 1, 2019 (Day 1 of this 8 year experiment), we have saved $628,606. This is saved through a combination of 401Ks, IRAs, savings accounts, 529 plans, and property investments. Every month we will update this chart to show how this amount increased, or decreased, over time.

We have a confession to make and the typical FIRE bloggers will lose their minds.  We still have some debt. I'll say it again, we have some debt.  Our $5,000 car loan has a 0% interest rate and we are paying extra on the $59,000 rental house mortgage so we can pay it down sooner.  Mr. FIREat40 goes against the grain with some things, including accepting some debt.  Most FIRE blogs are anti-debt and anti-loans, but what is better than a car loan at 0% when someone is giving you free money?  Living in high-cost NYC, we feel we'd rather have the $20,000 in the bank for an emergency rather than paying for a car in cash as long as we get 0% financing.  Also, for the rental property, we pay an extra $125 a month to be able to pay the loan off in 15 years vs 30, but this still gives us the option of slow-rolling the loan if we find ourselves with cash-flow problems as we learn how to be landlords.