Baby Costs As We Enter the Third Trimester

We have officially entered the third trimester! Only 11 weeks to go!! Getting more real by the day!

We have painted the baby room at this point and assembled the baby furniture that we were given by our families (i.e., crib and changing table). Since rocking chairs are outrageously expensive, we purchased a second-hand chair for $85, which looks and feels brand new. (They were selling at BuyBuyBaby for over $500.) Otherwise, we have received a lot of gifts already from our very generous family and friends and are so grateful.

On the medical side, the costs continue to add up. In our initial post we shared the costs of the first trimester medical care, which totaled $412.98. We had a follow-up post on our costs half-way through our pregnancy, which totaled $549.47.

Here is an update on the total costs of pregnancy as we enter the third trimester!

  • Appointment 1: $30 co-pay
  • Labs: $50

Below you will see a series of appointments costing exactly $151.49. I was notified that doctor fees for the pregnancy will be billed on a global basis, meaning all doctor fees associated with the pregnancy will be grouped together. The total charge for the doctor fees for the pregnancy will be $757.49. (This could increase in January 2020, with my new insurance plan.) But bottom line, I will make five payments of $151.49 to pay for all the doctor costs. (This does NOT include the hospital/facility fees for the actual birth.)

  • Appointment 2: $151.49
  • Ultrasound 1: $30
  • Appointment 3: $151.49
  • Ultrasound 2: $30
  • Appointment 4: $151.49
  • Appointment 5: $151.49
  • Labs: $50
  • Appointment 6: $151.49 (last payment for doctor appointments)
  • Optional Birthing class: $200
  • Optional Baby Care Basics class: $85
  • Prenatal vitamins: Free

Total: $1,232.45

So as we approach the new year, we also have a new health plan year. I expect my costs to increase because I will need to hit my deductible again, which has increased. However, the actual coverage, co-insurance, and co-pays have not changed. (Premiums have gone up though.) So stay tuned for that update!

Optional Items:

Another thing to point out is that there a bunch of "optional" items you can add on to your medical care.

For example, we have opted to sign up for birthing classes at the hospital. These classes walk you through labor and delivery and give a tour of the hospital. Seemed like a must-do for first-time parents like us. We also opted to sign up for a baby care basics classes. This class basically teaches you some tips and tricks to take care of the baby when he/she comes home. Also, seemed like a must-do for us. Unfortunately, these classes are not free. Combined, they cost us $285. I expect that it will be money well spent since neither one of us know anything about babies.

Also, we can save the cord blood from our baby. The medical costs of obtaining the cord blood is $400. After that cost, you get to pay a lot of money to store the cord blood for your baby/you family. The odds of your baby, you, or your immediate family and friends needing the cord blood AND being a match is VERY, VERY low. So we will skip on privately saving it. The other option is to donate the cord blood. Our hospital is a cord blood center, so we should be able to donate it at no cost. However, we need to do more research to confirm that is 100% free to donate. If so, we will likely do that.

Finally, there is the 3D/4D ultrasound, which we decided not to pay for. Medically, you only need the ~13 week and ~20 week ultrasound for a normal pregnancy (well at least my pregnancy so far). It's really amazing what you can see during these ultrasounds - see the lobes of the brain, the heart beating, and the baby moving around. It's actually mind blowing. However, they now also have optional 3D/4D ultrasound where you can really get up close and personal with the baby. Basically, you can really see the facial features. For our doctor, the 3D/4D ultrasound costs $200. My doctor mentioned that when she did it, her baby put her arm in front her face the entire time and they couldn't see the baby. So no guarantee you will have cooperative baby during the big showing.

Until next time, wish us luck as we enter the final trimester!