August 1, 2020: Net Worth is $1 Million!


We now have a $1 Million net worth! Thanks to a great month in the stock market and our budget to save as much money as possible, we made it to $1M for the first time ever! Wow! We'll see how long it lasts for, but it's cool to see it add up tonight on the calculator! Now back to painting these old kitchen cabinets :-)

Our plan is working thus far: 1) Double Mortgage Payments, 2) Paid off cars, 3) No credit card debt, 4) Max out 401Ks, 5) Save $40K in our FIRE Fund, 6) Keep buying rental properties, 7) Travel Hack when able, 8) Don't eat out too much, 9) Keep trying to trim away unnecessary expenses, and 10) Enjoy our Family!